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Wizeline's new operating framework positioning AI at the heart of all we do, responsibly. 


Next-gen capabilities, 
transformational outcomes.

With AI.R+, we're unlocking

Resilient Innovation


By building solutions that learn from themselves, we lower the mean time to production and total cost of ownership.

Exponential Agility

Augmenting and automating with AI across all our work  allows us to do more, faster and better.

Unique Experiences


Target customers as individuals, unlocking the ability to create distinct experience of the same product.

Strategic Value Creation


Cost advantage of AI enabled solutions, teams, and talent through economies of intelligence.

Future Proof Careers


Augmented human intelligence puts our talent at the forefront of innovation and technology.

AI.R+ in Motion

Operating Framework Pillars

Server Room
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Leveraging evidence based AI augmentation to revolutionize the software lifecycle and scale rapidly. Powered by a foundation of data engineering, MLops, and data fabric on the cloud. 


Listen to our very own AI.R+ playlist

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