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WIZECores is a collection of AI accelerators that enable Wizeline to expedite the development of cutting-edge industry solutions. Much more than just prototypes; WIZECores are powerful proofs of concept that demonstrate the disruptive potential of AI in real-world applications.

Our experience building AI solutions has created a base of building blocks

→ WIZECore Accelerators

By reusing and repurposing these building blocks, we can bring additional AI products to life, fast!


See some of our WIZECore Accelerators in action below


Industry: Media & Entertainment

Live News Segmenter


Description: We’ve built a tool to innovate news broadcasting with the following AI capabilities: 

  • Real time transcription

  • Clip segmentation

  • Public Figure image and voice detection & identification

  • Real time news alerts


Use Case: Increase accessibility of information during US election campaigns.

  • Detect when speeches start and alert news staff

  • Search for “What did a political candidate say about <topic of interest>, produce video and text summarization in response. 

  • Search for <topic of interest> in the event and review clips that match the criteria with text summarization.


Industry: Finance

Finance Analyst


Description: This accelerator leverages the power of gen AI to enhance and transform the process of global research. We built a framework of interactive search & answer that provides insights correctly and accurately, parsing out information from a complex knowledge base comprised of information in diverse formats and locations.


Use Case: In the finance sector, information and timing are crucial. This tool eliminates the need to manually navigate the ocean of information, instead enabling: 

  • Access to correct info fast

  • Financial analytics and insights at your fingertips

  • Quicker financial decision making


Industry: Research / Education

Research Assistant


Description: We’ve built a highly complex Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) framework that can take scientific documents as inputs, automatically extract relevant information from said documents, and output structured schemata based on such information.  


Use Case: Improves the accessibility and convenience of information for researchers. Provides accurate facts included in complex scientific articles, reducing the time and effort required to retrieve scientific information from complex documents.


Industry: Retail / Customer Service

Virtual CS Agent


Description: We are using Microsoft Copilot Studio to automate SMS follow-ups with customers to augment customer service operations. Advanced AI and LLM capabilities are able to detect buyer intention and extract relevant data from user responses to provide accurate and timely information. Opportunities flagged as “warm” by Copilot are then passed on to human agents, reducing their need for manual follow-up.

Use Case: With MangoTours, a travel agency, implementing this WIZECore accelerator resulted in  a significant increase in lead conversion rates. The AI Virtual Travel agent was able to provide customized support based on travel plans, reduced the number of lost leads, and enabled human agents to focus on closing deals.

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Explore more WIZECores

Industry: Finance

VC Analyst

Description: An AI agent for VC firms that identifies and collects relevant data, organizes and cleans it to ensure quality, and implements automated actions essential for daily operations. It excels in market studies, investment risk analysis, product comparisons, and more.

Industry: Finance

Insurance CS Support

Description: Tracking chat for financial services that uses an advanced RAG system, including Llama-Index, LangChain, and Google Cloud services, to accurately and promptly resolve customer inquiries with excellent precision and short response times.

Industry: Education

Teaching Assistant

Description: Creation of a chatbot connected to WhatsApp for the education sector, where both teachers and instructors have access through an advanced RAG orchestrated by Dialogflow and Google services such as Drive, Docs, etc. This chatbot allows teachers to monitor assignments, classes, and more.

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Video Engagement & Accessibility Resource

Description: We created a revolutionary and interactive video transcription tool specifically for online news providers that leverages AI to enhance how you engage with video content across various applications.
Automatic Transcription: Converts speech to text, creating accessible and navigable content.
Content Summarization: Quickly understand the gist of videos without watching them in full.
Interactive Video Chat: Ask questions about video content and get directed to the specific moments that provide your answers.

WIZECores is part of our AI.R+ operational framework.

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